The "Niche Authority" Amazon Sales & Ranking Strategy 
**Get First Mover Advantage**
This "New" way to consistently drive full-priced external sales to Amazon while increasing ranking profitably. 

What Does This Strategy Accomplish?

  • Consistent Amazon Sales
  • Amazon Ranking Increase
  • ​Amazon Ranking Maintenance 
  • ​Quality Bottom-of-Funnel Traffic
  • ​Multiple Traffic Sources - Diversity of Sales
  • ​Higher Conversion Rate Than Typical Cold Ads
  • ​Zero Coupons, Rebates, or Discounts of Any Kind
  • ​Premium Assets That YOU Own, (Not Us) 
  • MOST IMPORTANT - Evergreen Consistent Sales MoM Without Blowing Money On Ads - Actually Gets Better With Time
  • ​Works for even the most boring products
  • ​Can be a useful workaround for restricted products
  • ​100% Fully ToS Compliant - Rest Easy At Night

You're In Good Hands...

Pete Coulis - Amazon Expert

Pete is an eCommerce expert and one of the foremost authorities on Amazon ranking optimization. Pete has coached in one of the highest-level Amazon seller masterminds and is partnered with multiple successful brands. Working closely with many 7, 8, and even 9-figure companies over the past 6 years has given Pete a unique approach and outlook as to what it truly takes to be successful in this hyper-competitive space. Pete's not a guru. He's in the trenches everyday actually selling product.

Kyle Spinola - D2C Expert

Kyle has millions of dollars in ad spend under his belt growing eCommerce brands via paid advertising on Google, Facebook, & TikTok. Kyle is also a Klaviyo email expert where he obsesses over quality lead generation strategies and email automation systems. Anything involving paid traffic and email marketing, Kyle is at the top of the game.
Recent Amazon Attribution Sales Results...

Fraction of the traffic needed with this strategy to produce comparable sales with typical ads. These are all FULL PRICE sales with zero discounts, rebates, nothing... Campaigns boxed in red are for 1 single product only.

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Pet Supplies Product Case Study:

30-day external advertising campaign for one product.

30-Day External Ad Spend:

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30-Day Amazon Attribution Sales:

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Starting Day 1 Best Seller Ranking (BSR):

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Day 14 Best Seller Ranking (BSR):

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  • Time Frame: 11/18/22 - 12/18/22
  • ​Spent: $506.09
  • Revenue: $3,555.83
  • ROAS: 7.02
Recent Amazon Ranking Results...
Product 1


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Product 2

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Product 3

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Recent External Ads Results...

Combination of Amazon and Website Sales

1 Product - Pet Supplies

  • Time Frame: 4/15/22 - 10/11/22
  • ​Spent: $2,447
  • Revenue: $4,697
  • ROAS: 1.91

Brand #2 - Pet Supplies

  • Time Frame: 4/15/22 - 9/30/22
  • ​Spent: $13,146.45
  • Revenue: $26,736
  • ROAS: 2.03

Brand #3 - Jewelry & Accessories

  • Time Frame: 1/1/22 - 9/30/22
  • ​Spent: $55,444
  • Revenue: $199,196.99
  • ROAS: 3.59

Brand #4 - Patio, Lawn, & Garden

  • Time Frame: 4/14/22 - 9/30/22
  • ​Spent: $27,138.69
  • Revenue: $58,518.43
  • ROAS: 2.16

Brand #5 - Pet Supplies

  • Time Frame: 9/1/22 - 9/30/22
  • ​Spent: $905
  • Revenue: $3,589.49
  • ROAS: 3.97

Brand #6 - Pet Supplies

  • Time Frame: 7/14/22 - 9/30/22
  • ​Spent: $1,651
  • Revenue: $5,606
  • ROAS: 3.40

Brand #7 - Pet Supplies

  • Time Frame: 4/14/22 - 9/30/22
  • ​Spent: $47,818.13
  • Revenue: $51,202
  • ROAS: 1.07

This is the first time this service is being offered to the public. We have limited fulfillment capability which means if this is something you're interested in, you should book a call asap. (not fake scarcity).

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3. If you are a good fit, then discuss a plan of action to hit the ground running asap
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